Kepel Fruit

Indonesian: Kepel
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • (unranked): Angiosperm
  • Order: Magnoliales
  • Family: Annonaceae
  • Genus: stelechocarpus
  • Species: S. burahol
  • can fall of tree when being climbed
  • can be used as deodreant
  • this plant grows in all conditions


Plant Overview

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Taken From Wikipedia

Stelechocarpus burahol, known as the kepel, kepel fruit, keppel fruit, kepel apple, or burahol, is an annonaceous plant from the humid evergreen forests of Southeast Asia,[2] known for producing an edible fruit. The fruit is grown only in central Java.[3]

The plant is an evergreen, with stiff, elliptical, glossy leaves.[4]

The fruits of S. burahol grow on the lower part of the trunk,[3] on the larger branches.[4] They have a spicy flavor akin to that of the mango.[3] They are greenish-yellow and oval, 3-4 centimeters long.[4] The new growth is bright pink or burgundy,[2] known for producing an edible fruit.

One can propagate S. burahol from the seeds of ripe fruit.

The fruit of this species has traditionally been known in Java to have value as an oral deodorant. Out of the pulp, seed and peel, the peel has the best adsorbent ability. A 2012 study showed that it reduced the odor of feces by activating the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacter.[5] Stelechocarpus burahol is also an antihyperuricemic, and has traditionally been used to treat gout.[6]

Local Knowledge

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How to Prepare

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