• Chenille

    These long red flowers are distinct and easy to find when in bloom
  • Aloe Vera

    A succulent that has many strong antibacterial and moisturizing properties
  • Soursop Tree

    A unique and delicious fruit that shows potential in medicine
  • Sugar Palm

    A multiuse tree that creates a great sugar used in many tropical countries
  • Breadfruit

    The Polynesian staple, which may prove to be an excellent insect repellant
  • Malabar Spinach

    A fast growing and delicious vine is used in medicine
  • Cinnamon

    This spice made from tree bark is said to reduce diabetes risk as well as supercharge thinking
  • Turmeric

    A strong antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal rhizome
  • Lemongrass

    This light grass is said to ward off mosquitoes
  • Citronella

    Closely related to lemongrass, but with a stronger and more distinct aroma
  • Fennel

    A licorice like herb which also has good medicinal value
  • Melinjo

    This common tropical tree has many potential uses, including as an antioxidant
  • Star of Bethlehem

    A dangerous yet powerful medicinal plant. Use with caution
  • Leopard Iris

    This beautiful flower is used in Indonesian traditional medicine
  • Jatropha

    Easily used as an antiseptic, but beware of toxic fruit
  • Italian Basil

    A common herb which also has great medicinal value
  • Cat Whiskers

    Turn this plant into a tea for healthy results
  • Pandan (ScrewPine)

    This leaf is responsible for many green cakes in SE Asia
  • Passion Fruit

    A delicious fruit with a notable flower, also with medicinal merit
  • Chicken's Claw

    This common ground cover loves shade, humidity, and elevation
  • Kepel Tree

    A tall hardwood tree which produces many fruit on the trunk of the tree
  • Tamarind

    This unique fruit is a great one for cooking and more
  • Cacao Tree

    A mild stimulant and diruretic, common in confentionary
  • Vetiver

    The roots of this grass produce a strong essential oil common in fragrances