Passion Fruit Vine

Indonesian: Markisa
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • (unranked): Angiosperm
  • (unranked): Eudicots
  • Order: Malpighiales
  • Family: Passifloraceae
  • Genus: Passiflora
  • Species: P. Edulis
  • non-toxic
  • a good sedative, antispasmodic, and lowers blood pressure
  • a fast growing vine with attractive flowers


Plant Overview

Passion fruit grows all around the world. In many regions it is used for desert but in Portugal it is used for making liquor. Passion fruit is ripe when its got wrinkles all around the skin. Every passion fruit contains around 95calories per fruit and its season starts in January and peaks in April. The flower of the Passion fruit does not smell at all and it is purple and white, it is also a vine. The scientific word for passion fruit is Passiflora Edulis and the Indonesian name is Markisa .

Taken From Wikipedia

It is cultivated commercially in tropical and subtropical areas for its sweet, seedy fruit and is widely grown in several countries of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Southern Asia, Israel, Australia, Hawaii (Liliko╩╗i)[1] and United States.

Passiflora edulis is a vine species of passion flower that is native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Its common names include passion fruit (US), passionfruit (UK and Commonwealth), and purple granadilla (South Africa).

The passion fruit is round to oval, either yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds.[2][3] The fruit is both eaten and juiced; passion fruit juice is often added to other fruit juices to enhance aroma.[4]

Local Knowledge

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How to Prepare

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