Leopard Lily

Indonesian: Brojo Lintang
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • (unranked): Angiosperm
  • (unranked): Monocots
  • Order: Asparagales
  • Family: Iridaceae
  • Genus: Iris
  • Species: I. domestica
  • commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine
  • thrives in well drained soils in full sun.


Plant Overview

The Leopard lily is considered a common ornamental plant although it has medicinal uses as well.

Taken From Wikipedia

Iris domestica, also known as Indonesian cinnamon, Padang cassia, or korintje, is one of several plants in the genus Cinnamomum whose bark is sold as the spice cinnamon. The most common and cheapest type of cinnamon in the US is made from powdered C. burmannii.[citation needed] Iris domestica oil contains no eugenol.[2] It is also sold as quills of one layer.[2]

Local Knowledge

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How to Prepare

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