Web Developers

Noan Fesnoux Site Designer / Project Manager

I am an Environmental Science teacher in Green School, but am also super keen on integrating technology into the world of Science. I have been designing web pages and sites for a while, and am pleased to share my skills with my students.

Charlotte Fesnoux Project Coordinator / Primary Page Builder

My background in sustainable food systems led to my interest in this project. Working in the medicinal garden, and on the website has increased my fascination in plants and their medicinal properties, and I have 'even' begun to enjoy the tedious process of website coding! My hobbies include hiking, gardening, and learning, and I have been an avid equestrian my entire life.

Jaap De Ruiter Page Designer

I am in 6th grade, and love techincal things like making site pages. I enjoy modifying minecraft and learning about how things work.

Matthew Gagan Web Designer

I like computers, Minecraft, and games in general. This is the first web site I have coded on. It was fun to do.

Remy Bondine-Bimbi Astronaut

My Name is Remy and I am in eighth grade, In my spare time I enjoy playing video games or playing sports such as Soccer and AFL.

Made Kosala Firebender

My name is Made and i'm an eighth grade student. I'm awesome because I can firebend.

Ananda Nilsen Web Designer

I am pretty awesome at art and enjoy doing Science. I made this page when I was in grade 7.

Marcel Kress Gandalf the Grey

my name is Marcel and i am 12 years old and i like to play soccer and surf. I'm good in graphic design and i can speak 2 languages.


Noan Fesnoux Researcher

Plants are too cool not to find out as much as possible about!

Charlotte Fesnoux Researcher

Gotta love Green....

Gregorio von Hildebrand Researcher

Coming soon....

Gove De Puy Researcher

Coming soon....

Gove De Puy Researcher

Coming soon....

Gove De Puy Researcher

Coming soon....

Local Experts

Melissa Abdo Head of Green Camp

Soon to come...

Pak Tri Medicinal Plant Expert

soon to come...

Dale the Medicine Guy Herbalist

soon to come.....

Ibu Sumade Tour Guide and Traditional Herbalist

soon to come...